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Design Field Trip: Nashville at Waymore’s Guest House & Casual Club

Nashville, Tennessee, often hailed as the heart of country music, welcomed me with open arms during my recent visit, and my stay at Waymore’s Guest House & Casual Club became the highlight of my trip. Nestled in the neighborhood of East Nashville, the hotel not only offered comfort but also a design that left a lasting impression.


Upon entering the hotel, the lobby immediately caught my eye. It was a design enthusiast's dream, with an eclectic mix of post-modern furniture pieces that, despite their mismatched styles, effortlessly blended together. The lobby felt more like a chic lounge, creating an atmosphere that was both inviting and inspiring.


The carefully curated collection of furniture pieces in the lobby was a testament to the thoughtful design pieces selected. From plush sofas to avant-garde chairs, every element seemed to have its place, creating a cohesive and visually stimulating environment. It was a space that transcended the traditional hotel lobby, offering a unique and captivating atmosphere.


My time in the lobby lounge became a central part of my stay. It was a versatile space where I could socialize with fellow travelers, enjoy delicious snacks, savor drinks at the bar, and even find a quiet corner to catch up on my own design work. Waymore’s had successfully transformed its lobby into a multifunctional area that catered to various needs.


One of the distinctive features of the lobby was the array of books that adorned the shelves, serving as both decoration and a source of inspiration. The diverse selection of titles added a touch of intellectual charm to the space, encouraging guests to explore and engage with the literary offerings.


As if that wasn't enough, the vintage piano positioned in one corner added a melodic dimension to the overall ambiance. Guests were welcome to try their hand at playing tunes, creating an enchanting soundtrack that echoed through the lobby.


Leaving the Waymore’s Guest House & Casual Club was bittersweet, as the unique design and warm ambiance had left an indelible mark on my memories. As I bid farewell to Nashville, I couldn't help but look forward to my next visit to the Waymore’s. This charming retreat had become more than just a place to stay; it was a haven of inspiration and relaxation, and I eagerly anticipated returning for another unforgettable experience in the future.


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