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Whether you're looking for design advice, need help designing one room or are working on multiple spaces, Brian Conlon Interiors offers in-person and online design services to fit your unique project.



Introductory Questionnaire

& Phone Call

Each new project starts with an introduction call and brief questionnaire

scheduled and found here.

We will discuss your project scope, desired time frame and investment level to ensure Brian Conlon Interiors is the right fit for your project.


Our Introductory Call will help us guide you to the service that best fits your needs, whether that be a consultation, a design service, an hourly meeting, or an interior design rendering.

15 min Introductory Call

No Charge



Interior Design


We will take an in-depth look at your project space(s) and have an open conversation about the problems and concerns affecting the space(s). Using your design preferences & inspirations as a guide, we will make design recommendations and discuss and/or determine your desired level of investment in order to recommend the next steps for moving your project forward.  If you wish to keep working with Brian Conlon Interiors after the consultation, we will present you with a design agreement for one of our design services below. The consultation fee will be credited towards your design service. 

Our 2-hour Consultation is available to both in-person and online design clients.

Consultation Fee of $300.00



Full Service

Interior Design

Our Concierge - Full-Service Interior Design offering is perfect for clients who are looking for a comprehensive design experience from design conceptualization through project installation. Brian Conlon Interiors will create a complete design concept for your kitchen, bath or interior space and coordinate with local vendors and trades to bring the design to life. Due to the level of client/designer collaboration, the Concierge service is only available to in-person design clients.



E-Design Concept & Specification Service

Our E-Curated - E-Design Concept & Specification Service is perfect for clients looking for a complete kitchen, bath or interior design concept, but would prefer to coordinate purchasing and delivery themselves. Brian Conlon Interiors will create your design concept with specifications for millwork, fixtures, furniture and materials along with estimates and links on where to purchase. Our E-Curated service is available to online design clients.



Interior Space


Our Renderings - Interior Space Visualization service is perfect for clients who are having trouble envisioning what their new space(s) will look like. With your space measurements, we will utilize our drafting software to create realistic renderings of your spaces' potential. Available to in-person and online design clients.

$200.00 per single area

Why choose Brian Conlon Interiors for your
Kitchen, Bath or Interior Design Project?


What distinguishes Brian Conlon Interiors is a combination of expertise, a comprehensive perspective, and a thoughtful pricing structure.


Drawing from a background in interior design and kitchen and bath design, Brian Conlon brings seven plus years of holistic design experience to the table. His unique blend of credentials and hands-on experience positions him adeptly to meet the diverse needs of clients. Through his skillful approach, spaces are transformed into harmonious, functional, and aesthetically pleasing environments that elevate the moments that matter most.


At Brian Conlon Interiors, we adopt a flat fee structure that is both minimal and transparent. A nominal design fee and a modest markup on materials are applied, resulting in a total cost aligned with industry averages. This approach enables Brian Conlon Interiors to design holistically, considering all materials and sources for a space. It ensures a comprehensive view that goes beyond mere aesthetics, delivering spaces that are not only visually appealing but also thoughtfully crafted and economically sensible.

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