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How To Easily Update the Look of Your Kitchen

Happy Sunday friends! I cannot believe we are already in the middle of July. I feel like time is absolutely moving at the speed of light. Does anyone agree!? I hope you are enjoying the summer and finding time to spend with family, friends and loved ones.

For this week’s Designer-Ally entry, we are focusing on the kitchen and sharing an easy way to update the look of your kitchen cabinetry. Many homes have kitchen cabinets that may be a few years old. They may function great, but stylistically be a bit out of date. When this is the case, consider updating the look by switching out the cabinet hardware.

Think of cabinetry hardware as the jewelry of the kitchen...that little accent piece that compliments the rest of the outfit. There are a number of sources you can purchase hardware from both in-person and online with many options being under $10.00 per piece. If your current cabinets have hardware, you will want to measure from the backside of the door/drawers between the center points of the screws. This will tell you what size hardware you will need to work with the existing drill holes in your cabinets. If your existing cabinets do not have hardware, your possibilities are endless! You may opt to use the same hardware style for all of the doors and drawers or you may choose to break it up by using a mix of both knobs & pulls. When doing this, we recommend using knobs on the doors and pulls on the drawers and pullouts. Many pulls are available in multiple lengths. We recommend a length of 4”-6” for most standard size kitchen cabinets and using (x2) pulls on any drawers that are over 30” wide. If a more contemporary look is desired, consider using (x1) 8”-12” long pull in the center of drawers 30” and wider.

Next, consider what finish you'd like to use for the hardware. A darker hardware finish such as an oil rubbed bronze or matte black will contrast nicely with a lighter finished cabinet while brushed gold and satin nickel hardware will contrast nicely with cabinets in a darker finish.

Finally, have fun with this! Dare to be bold...if that is your style. Remember that hardware is like jewelry…its going to complete the look of your kitchen…and just like jewelry, it is always easy to switch if and when you desire a different look.

Until next week…


Note: With all of the options available in the market, deciding on a new hardware selection can be a bit daunting…but we are here to help! With our hourly design package, we can help you select the right hardware style and size to bring your kitchen up-to-date. Reach out to us now to schedule your appointment today.


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