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Displaying Your Personality Around Your Space

Hello friends! It is Sunday again and I hope you have had a fabulous week and are enjoying the weekend. Here in Atlanta, we are definitely feeling this summer weather. It seems as of late; the weather is either summer storming outside, or it is incredibly and humidly hot! What can I say!? The tradeoff is not having to shovel large amounts of snow in the winter…so I guess I can’t really complain. With that said, I’ve found myself spending more of my time indoors catching up on some of my hobbies, one of those being reading. I have a bookshelf full of books that I have started and not finished (guilty) and many that are on my list to start reading! With so many books, I’ve started taking vertically stored book off of shelves and placing them around the room to double as both home décor and a reminder of what is on my list to read…and for today’s designer-ally post, I wanted to share a few tips on how you can do the same!

Adding books to a room that double as décor pieces is a great way to add your personality into a space as they give you the opportunity to share and display interests you have. Books can be displayed on open shelves, side tables, coffee tables, ottomans, and mantels.

When selecting books, first consider some of your interests…what subjects would you like to learn more about or share with others as they enter your home? It could be a range of subjects with each book highlighting a different topic. Next, consider the color scheme of your room and look for books that coordinate with colors in your space. For example, if your room is grey and white with touches of blue and red, you may want to find books with covers in those colors to accent the space. The final item you want to consider is sizing. You will want the books to be somewhat alike in size and shape with the spines of each book being on the same plane. I recommend stacking anywhere from 2-5 books depending on the thickness of each book. The thicker the book, the less you will want to add to the stack. I recommend the overall height of the stack to be around 8” high with the largest book placed on the bottom of the stack working up to the smallest book in the top.

Books can be purchased from a number of sources. Many new books can be purchased online or at local retailers. There are also many retailers that sell second-hand books which is great for both your wallet and the environment. Finally, there are many books that can be purchased from independent writers or creatives which make the selection that much more unique!

As always, remember to have fun!! You’re bring your personality into a space, so make sure that you select fun books that you will enjoy both reading and displaying!

Until next week…



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