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3 Is The Magic Number

Hello and happy Sunday friends. I hope you had another amazing week and are looking forward to the start of a new month! Today’s post is all about the number 3…but how does the number 3 relate to the design of interior spaces?

When decorating a space, whether it be a table top, a shelf, or a grouping of small artwork pieces on a wall…3 is the magic number of items to group together that will accent an interior space in a balanced and pleasing way to our eyes and brains. As a natural instinct, our eyes and brains like to group items together, with an arrangement of an odd number of items being the most appealing our our eyes and brains. 3 items caters to our eyes sense of balance and adding additional items can quickly create a look that feels cluttered and unbalanced.

When placing items in groups of 3, size and scale are also important. Heights and sizes of the three items should vary, but still be similar enough in size/scale as to not overwhelm the other 2 items.

Not all items have to be the same either. As I always say, have fun with this! Mix plants, vases, photo frames, sculptures, framed artwork, tapestries…the possibilities are plentiful! Just remember to pick items that speak to you and your sense of style. Happy decorating!


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